Francis "Mickey" Featherstone

Francis "Mickey" Featherstone (born c. 1947) was an Irish American mobster and member of the Westies, an organized crime gang from Hell's Kitchen, Manhattan in New York City. The Westies were bossed by Jimmy Coonan, a vicious thug and killer determined to take over the neighborhood rackets.

Featherstone had risen to become Coonan's right-hand man by the middle of the 1970s. Featherstone had served in Vietnam where he'd hoped to see action. However, when this did not happen, Featherstone grew disgruntled with the military. After his return to Hell's Kitchen, Featherstone was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. His condition allowed him to be acquitted of several murders in the late 1960s and early 70's.

Featherstone's penchant for violence and intimidation caught the eye of Jimmy Coonan and the two soon formed an alliance. Together they plotted the murder of longtime Hell's Kitchen crime boss Mickey Spillane in 1974. By the end of the decade however, Coonan and Featherstone had a falling out over Coonan's alliance with the Gambino crime family. Featherstone saw this as a betrayal to not only him but to all the Irish-Americans in Hell's Kitchen. Following his arrest for a murder he did not commit in 1986 (he was framed by Coonan), he became an informant the following year. His testimony at Coonan's racketeering trial helped to bring down what had been the last of the Irish mob in New York.